Yes, I'm a wimp!

Friday, August 14, 2015

I've chosen the above image to bring to mind a cool and breezy summer day.  Taken in one of my favorite places, Door County, it was exactly that.  It was cool but not cold, exactly how I like it.  I've always liked cold.  I pick winter over summer and crisp fall days that require a sweater over warm sweaty ones that require ice water EVERY SINGLE TIME.  So, what possessed me to think I could live without my central air conditioning, I have no idea.  Wait, yes, I do, it's call a midcentury modern house that was screaming my name.

You see, sometime, in the next 9 months, we will be moving to a different house.  Our children are all open-enrolled in a neighboring school district (another post, another time) and I am so very tired of driving.  Seriously, there have been days where I have been in my car for 6+ hours, driving back and forth.  Not to mention, I run a childcare and to say it isn't great for business is an understatement.  Through an incredible carpool lady and a terrific after school program, I have managed to minimize the impact all the driving has on my daycare kids.  But me and my vehicle, we're still suffering.  Even if I'm not picking them up right after school, I'm still picking them up after AFTER school or after their evening sports program or driving them all the way out there for a party/event/playdate/concert.  I'm starting to think they should sell minivans with wallpaper and a mini-fridge.  At least then I'd feel like I'm still home, sort of.  So, these events have pushed us to sell and move.  Thus, the constant browsing on the MLS and other such sites searching for the perfect yet affordable future dwelling.

Which brings me to THE house.  You know the one.  The house of your dreams, where everything you've ever wanted has come together into this beautiful thing you actually get to live in every single day.  That one.

For me, I'm a sucker for all things mid-century modern.

As an example, this beauty redesigned in Oxford, California, by Koch Architects.

This is the kind of house that makes me drool.  Seriously.
But, lets be real here people, good design doesn't often come cheap.  And, not being a millionaire,  this type of house is usually well out of our price range.  So stumbling upon one that hasn't crossed over that "never gonna happen" price point, I was pretty excited.  Until I noticed one teensy little detail.  No central air.  Nor does it appear it would be possible to put it in without selling one of my kidneys on ebay.  So, in true Tricia fashion, I started the self-talk.  I'm a pro at talking just about anyone into anything if it's something I'm truly passionate about.

Especially myself.

"Oh, you don't really need central air.  How hot does it get in Minnesota anyway?  It's only summer like 6 days out of the year here.  Besides, HUGE energy suck, I'm sure it's terrible for the environment, and is totally contributing to global warming.  Like, I don't even know how you sleep at night with all that artificial cold air blowing on your face, slowly eating away the little ozone layer we have left.  Plus, it's probably making you sick.  I'm sure it's full of mold.  Didn't all those people in New York City get Legionnaire's from cooling towers? Those migraines? Definitely the central air.  Look at it this way, you would just be moving into a more environmentally friendly, healthier life-style.  Really, by buying this house you would be doing your own small part in saving the planet."

See.  I'm good.

So, that's exactly where my head was the day our central air died, when it was 87 degrees and humid.  And the next day when it was 92 and just DAMN HOT.

What have I learned in two days?
1. I'm a wimp.  In 48 hours, I have turned into a whining immobile lump.  Cleaning?  It's too hot.  Cooking?  Too hot. Moving off this couch for any reason.  Hot.  You get the idea.  I have figured out that without central air, I am just useless.  Complete jello.  My body is apparently actually powered by cold air.
2. I will not be buying that house.
3. The current owners have only lived in the house one year and are selling it now because apparently they can't live without central air either.

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